BPM Description Field

It would be nice to have a Description field on a BPM Directive. I hate trying to use the name to describe what it does if its more than setting a field. I would add my own UD field but Method Directive Maintenance does not support customization. This goes for Data Directives too.

Love it. I don’t know if it’s a matter of extending the BpDirective table, but it seems like an easy feature for them to add

This would be nice to have. Currently what we do is just insert a Custom Code block (not connected to anything) label it ‘Documentation’ or something, then just write out everything as a C# Comment.

It works but something a little more explicit would be awesome.

And BAQs while you’re at it


If you add a UD field for “Description”, you can access it from the List Views of the Method/Data Directive Maint. screens. That’s what we did. I’m going to make a little dashboard with these descriptions so users can see what BPMs we have running, once we finish documenting them all.

Be watching the minor features list in 10.2.600 and I had nothing to do with it - I swear I just saw it go by.


Adding Date Created, Created By, Last Changed, Last Changed by are also a great idea.

Funny thing - I added this at one of my clients one time. If you do that, especially with a BPM that sets these dates from a BPM - make sure you disable this before upgrading. I had upgraded the system to a new version (in test), and for some reason this broke. However, since it got invoked when a directive changes, I couldn’t turn it off, the broken BPM was tossing an error when I tried disabling the BPM. Had to jump through some hoops to get it turned off so I could fix it.


Thanks for raising this suggestion we felt this adds value and it’s included in 10.2.600 :pray:

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Thank you Stephen!!!