BPM false to true condition, opposite?

So when I put this condition in a BPM, it fires opposite of what I would expect. What I want is to fire a BPM when the shipped box is checked in customer shipment entry. The “shipped” checkbox is tied to “ready to invoice” in the ShipHead table. I did a trace on the transaction and Erp.CustShip.UpdateMaster in the BO that’s firing. Created a post processing BPM to fire on the condition "Method change the ttShipHead.ReadyToInvoice field of the of designed query from False to True. It fires exactly opposite of what I would expect. It doesn’t fire when it gets checked to true. But it does fire when I uncheck it.

This fires when check box goes from true to false

This fires when the check box goes from false to true

Do I just need to accept that it’s backwards? Or am I doing something wrong?

**maybe it’s the allergy meds messing with my brain??? Spring sucks…

Haha I had a very similar issue, where I monitor the status of the ipShippedFlagChanged.
I ended up toggling the temp table value in order to get the results I needed.

It may be just Epicor’s logic for that field is not clear - the BPM Builder might be doing everything correct.

Just like the famous & Award Winning: Resource Auto Move

Yeah, but if I run an BAQ to check the status of that field, it matches the check box on the screen. And when I return the value in a message box, it also matches the screen.

I’m finding that the BPM is firing even when I don’t touch that field, that may not be what I need to key off of to get this to work.

So the X changed is a bit tricky. I have found that on initial (create) it will never fire. That is if the RowMod = “A” it won’t fire. Maybe that’s your issue there?
I usually do
IF Added Row and Value True
Updated Row and Value changed from False to True

not sure if that’s your issue or not , but it is worth noting.



(it’s the allergy meds)

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Hmmm… wondering out loud… C# uses LOWER CASE for the words true and false… wondering if it is interpreting True/False different from true/false.
I have done this type of "false/true’’ check on numerous fields with success.



I have the message attached to the false side of the condition. It’s needs to be attached to the true side. That’s why it seemed opposite…

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