BPM for RFQ Required Quotes

I want to make it so that when one adds a new part to a new line within RFQ entry, that the Quotes Required box (under Supplier tab) will default to 3 instead of 0. It defaults to 0 and then when you click Add to add a supplier, it says “required number of quotes cannot be zero” so there is never a case where it should be defaulting to 0.

Is the best way to do this with a BPM, Pre-Process, on method GetNewRFQItem? Just wanted to get other opinions before I go down that route. Thank you for your help.

Under normal circumstances, use POST on GetNew methods.


Do GetNew… methods ever have a RowMod other than “A”?

I’m not sure but I believe the BPM pattern is simply to send back a new record with it’s defaults. From what I’ve seen it is possible it would not populate “A” for rowmod value but would probably be a bug.