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Currently working on a BPM to warn the user if there is no Standard cost on the Part entered on an Inventory Purchase Order. I have the logic to send a warning if there is no inventory cost on a purchase order, but when I try adding in the Inventory tran type PUR-STK it doesn’t work as I would like. Is there another way to do this logic?

The red circle is the part of the logic that should see whether or not the Purchase order Tran type is for Inventory or not.

I wonder if the row is “changed” when you check?
Sounds like you can get a message if you leave out the condition line for the PORel?
If so, I sometimes include the related RowMod(s) in my messages… they are not always what I think they should be.

You should use the GetNewPart method, and then check if that part has a Std Cost and if it is Qty Bearing (as Qty Bearing parts are the only ones that can go into stock). See the following thread that had a similar issue of wanting to check for a Std Cost before allowing the part to be added…

That thread only checks the StdCost (and see later post about adding CostID for extra data integrity). You could do a similar thing to check the parts QtyBearing status. Or check the PO line type (Buy to stock, job, or other)

If you are multi-site, this could be complicated by the fact that different sites can have different Qty Bearing and CostID’s.

I believe that you want to look at the ADDED row instead of the CHANGED row.