BPM - Send Email failing?

We have a BPM setup that emails an employee when a new customer is added to the system. We thought it was working, but then after a recent server reboot the employee received a bunch of emails dating back many weeks. It seems the system generated the emails, but they never were sent out until the reboot.

We are now facing the issue again. They are expecting to see a couple emails from earlier this week, but haven’t received them. Obviously I can’t keep rebooting the server. How else can I troubleshoot this? Is there a Windows process that I should be looking for? Something else?


Do other emails sent by the system go out immediately?

Does the BPM use the Emial widget, or create it in a Custom code widget?

If the first, is it set for synchronous are async? (I always use Async)

Just using the email widget (another BPM uses custom code and that email works fine). Also, it is set to async.

If you add a new customer (or do whatever forces the BPM to execute), and monitor the Sys Monitor, do you see the task appear?

Any inserted fields in the Send E-mail widget?

Under “Active Tasks” on my local machine? That page is blank. Do I have to run the BPM and quickly go to active tasks and hit refresh?

No inserted fields in the send email widget… just manually typed my email and a “temp” subject / “temp” message.

I may have lead you astray … I don’t think it will show in the SysMonitor, as I don’t think it runs as a task.

Back in V8 there was a Global Email log. Don’t know if anything like that exists in E10

I tried monitoring several tables, but never see an entry for when an email sends from a BPM Widget (I was testing with on in a DD)

You can always just replace the Send E-mal widget with an Execute Custom code one, and build the email manually, (like you say others that work do)

It seems that switching from Async to Sync was all that I need. That change started making the emails fire again.

You did not mention your version but we are a Public Cloud customer and have had this issue come during the last few upgrades. The SaaS team has been able to correct but I believe there is some type of bug in Epicor related to the Async e-mails. If you want to continue to use these, you may need to contact support.

Tables Ice.MailQueue and Ice.MailQueueBody seem to hold items that are stuck.

I remember seeing these previously, and I haven’t checked my LIVE db for a while - doing so after reading your problem above, I have found some stuck emails of my own.

Will post again if I work out where to find a status message showing why the failed count is 3 on these mails, and how to resubmit.

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@aidacra I see that you liked my post. Time to ask you some questions…! :slight_smile:

I have items in my Ice.MailQueue table.

  1. Is there anywhere in E10 to see these?
  2. Is there anywhere SQL or E10 that would show what the failures are? Is it SMTP server, bad email address etc?
  3. Can they be re-submitted?

I think other people will be interested in your response too.

Thank you!

Have you looked at the Erp.AlertQue and Erp.AlertLog ?

Despite the title, that is the basis of this enhancement request. :wink:


I just voted for your request. Good idea.

So checking Erp.AlertQue, no records.

Erp.AlertLog has some failures but back from 2015, and not the same ones that are in Ice.MailQueue