BPM to complete Job Operation

I am writing a BPM to auto complete an operation on a job. I have found that I can write to the JobOper table within the BPM and set the OpComplete to true and QtyCompleted to the RunQty and the job shows that operation as green. Normally anything related to job operations are triggered via a labor entry (MES or time and expense) and then show up in the Labor tables. My question is, given our BPM does not create a labor entry and updates the JobOper table only, can anyone thing of anything that this may cause any issues down the road?


@tvonderhaar use caution with customization. Try to use backflushing to complete operations that you do not want people to report.

Look into backflush.


Yes! You should use the business objects not just writing to the fields directly.


Thank you for the replies. I will look into this more.

OK, I think the best approach for us is to us the BO.JobAdjustment.CommitLaborAdj rather than just marking the operations complete. Thank you both for the sanity check.

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Uncle! I’m sorry up front for the stupid question, but I’m struggling to figure out how to use the JobAdjustment BO. I’m used to most other BOs that have a GetNew or something to prime the dataset. With JobAdjustment, I see a PreCommit and a CommitLaborAdj which would seem to me to need the dataset populated. Anyone have an example or hint they could share?