BPM to populate a field on New


Im not exactly sure what im doing wrong but its something…

Add a CreateDate to the Vendor table so we know when they were created.
CreateDate to be populate as a new record is created

Add a UD table to the Vendor table
Add 1 new UD columns - CreatedDate, field = DateTime
Regen database

Supplier Form
Add new DateTime box to the form with a label
bind the box to VendorDetail.CreateDate_c field

Method Directive
Create new Pre-Processing BPM using the Vendor.Update
Start to Set Field
Set the ttVendor.CreatedDate_c field of the added row to the BpmFunc.Today()… expression

My assumption is that by using the Pre-Processing method, the field should populate but it doesnt. I also tried the same as a Data Directive but still no dice


What is the correct method to pre-populate a field for a new record?


If you are wanting to pre-populate a record, do it on post on:


What you did, was set a record in the added row to that value, which should work when
you saved it the first time. If it didn’t, I’m at a loss as to why.

as easy as that, thanks so much. I had figured that i needed GetNewVendor about 20 mins ago but was still in Pre

Every day i learn a little more :slight_smile: