BPM to populate Configurator Rules

Is it possible to write a BPM that will add generic code to my Configurator Rules for a given configurator/part?

I have created generic configurator the references some UD Tables to figure out what the options are, and to apply the BOM modifications. I can refer this configurator to most of our parts and just manage the UD Table if I want to make a change.

The end result is that I have to put the same generic code on all of the parts in every method, so that it checks the UD table. I’ve heard that you can’t DMT the code, so I was wondering if I could write a BPM to do it.

I could just interrupt the “New Rule Set” method, but then I would have to click that button for each part, or could I create a new button and calls a custom BPM that applies the rule to each part in the method?

I need to apply a New Rule Set and a New Rule Action to all parts, so that I can manage the Keep When for Pull As Assembly Parts, and the Quantity Adjustment for the kept parts.

In theory yes, since most things within Epicor are done via Business Objects. Whether it is practical not sure. You can run a trace on the BOs called when a rule is added. How the configurator is constructed changed for E10 and on, in E9 this would have been fairly simple. Whether all the BOs we need are visible in the trace will be the big IF.

you CAN create a server side UDMethod… the UDMethod could have Parameters (variables) that are passed…
You would still need to put at least one line of code into each rule, but then if you wanted to change the code, you only need to do it once. I have taken this approach multiple times… and yes, it is a slight pain in the neck to add the line(s) of code into every material, but that is a one-time thing…