BPM to Stop AP Process Payment in AP Payment Entry

Hello, We use Epicor 10.0.700.4. I’m a bit rusty with BPMs, so I’m hoping someone can help. I’m working in a test environment.

I’m trying to add an approval process to AP Checks with a BPM. I have a custom field APChkGrp.Checkbox01. When this box is checked , then I want to allow Actions > Process Payments. When the box is un-checked, I want to block Actions > process payments.

I think my business object is Payment entry and my methodname is GetRestartProcessPayment. I found these in the trace log.

First, I added a preprocessing step. To test, I added a message. My message displays prior to the Process payments window.

Second, I wanted to check to see if I can block the process completely. I added a “Raise Exception” in the workflow designer. I checked the box to terminate on error. The exception message displays, but the Process payments window still follows the exception message.

Finally, I don’t see any tables available in the Options "The specified Argument is equal to the specified expression. I only have the parameter Groupid. Does anyone have any ideas on how to access this.

Thanks so much in advance.


you have selected incorrect Business Object. You should have to select paymentEntry BO. Try on UPDATE method.

good luck !!

Thanks so much for the reply. We by-passed the BPM and handled this in a report. When I have time, I will test your suggestion, though.

Hello @spulsifer, I wanted to ask if you tried the BPM per @Prakash_Bankar’s recommendation? I am trying to see how to run another BO method after the user print’s the checks, but the BPMs I am seeing don’t line up to the BO.PaymentEntry. Thank you!

To perhaps provide a better solution to her original question, you could use Service Security to stop a user from being able to call a specific method. Just be aware that this is stopping functionality, so be careful about who you restrict.

We worked around this another way and haven’t restricted a method or used a BPM.