BPM to store the LastModifiedDatetime of BPMs

Hi! I would like to store the last modified date of each BPMs (Method Directives / Data Directives). No matter if they are created, edited, or imported using the Solution Workbench.

Has anyone done this before? What would be the best way to do this? I want to do this safely, avoiding circular calls.

I do not want to use changelogs. It will be easier to query using a UD field. The goal is, for example, “show me all BPMs that were created / modified since last friday”.

I can’t speak for others but I put two date UD fields on the BPDirective table… one for CreateDate and one for LastModified date. I set up two data directives that set those fields (Create Date when the row is added and Last Modified whenever there is an updated row). I don’t have any issues with them. They are incredibly useful and I would argue you should add a user ID nvarchar field also while you’re at it.

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Last is helpful does doesn’t track multiple changes in a day. Also, BPMs created or modified in a Pilot or Test version can get clobbered with a restore.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had source control for user customizations? :thinking: Add your comment below if you wish.


Here is another opportunity to vote for one of the oldest candidates in 2024!

Make the software more friendly for DevOps Practices

I unvoted and re-voted… just in case that somehow shows as new interest. Maybe they have a BPM on their vote counter that shows Last Voted date LOL.

I did the same…and a comment for good measure.

Another alternative to the internal change logging is to include a standard block of code either in the monitoring BPM (excluding itself :wink: ) or the in BPMs themselves an external log file update which outputs the before and after state.
Begin a new file each new day and purge or archive as you see fit for any retention requirements (with Powershell or Python handling that external file management).
Could also be done in a simple ext DB for this purpose I suppose too with all the same maint functions as you need. Just thoughts with common techniques.