BPM to trigger on new RMA Disposition?


I am trying to create a Method Directive on RMADisp which will email me when a new RMA Disposition is created, but I can’t seem to get the condition to trigger as expected. For testing purposes, I set up a Message to display TRUE or FALSE depending on the condition results, but no matter how I try to build this it returns FALSE when a new RMA Disposition is created. What am I doing wrong here?

You shouldn’t be in base processing. Put it on pre-processing.

Put the trigger in pre-processing to check for an added row, then set enable to do that actual e-mail in post processing.

Just FYI, base processing replaces the original server processing, so it’s VERY rare that you would ever put a base processing BPM in a regular method.

The only place you regularly use base is in a UBAQ where you are coding something yourself.


I had tried PRE, BASE, and POST but just couldn’t come up with the right combo. Your tip was enough to finally get me there! This works now as PRE. Thank you!

Remember if you want to have it happen after base and it’s not firing, then try using a “Enable Post Directive” in the Pre and use the “has been enabled from this specified directive condition” in the Post processing. You may not want emails to fire if there is some sort of error and the update does not complete.