BPM Total Received is Greater than the Prod qty problem

I want to create a BPM whereby then the Total Received is Greater than the Prod qty, a warning will appear on the Job Receipt to Inventory screen.

Using the ReceiptsFromMfg.ReceiveMfgPartToInventory method, I have created the
following Method Directive:

Conditions: number of rows in the 'test' query is more than 0

Actions: show informational message based on the Warning template

Test query is as:
for each ttPartTran where (ttPartTran.RowMod = 'A' or ttPartTran.RowMod = 'U') , each JobProd where JobProd.Company = ttPartTran.Company and JobProd.JobNum = ttPartTran.JobNum and JobProd.ReceivedQty > JobProd.ProdQty

However, when I book something in (with a greater qty than the Prod Qty), nothing happens. I have noted however, if I change the last line to JobProd.ReceivedQty = JobProd.ProdQty, the warning is produced when over bookings are done in increments.

However, I need to show the warning when over booking are entered both in increments and entered once.

Using ReceiptsFromMfg.OnChangeTranQty Method doesn't produce any different results either.

Thank you in advance for any help.