BPM Workflow to Generate Email Alert

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I am hoping someone can help me figure out why my data directive isn’t working. I want to generate an email notification when a new line is received on the rcvdtl table. I feel like this should work but alas…nothing. (FYI, I have tested that our email configuration is set up properly in Company Maintenance so the issue isn’t there.)

Here are a couple of screenshots:


Any thoughts? Does this somehow correlate with Global Alerts, which I have limited understanding of?

try putting the email address in the “From” field that you have set up in the Company Maintenance form. I believe I used the one on the right, but I cannot remember. Give both a shot!

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I like to make sure the conditions are working by placing a Message before the e-mail… At least it can help to debug…


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Out of curiosity, try changing it to synchronous versus asynchronous. In E9 you had to set up the BPM Action Process, which is the Epicor process that runs when you send it asynchronously. If you get one synchronously, that could point to your problem.

The other thing you may want to ensure is that the email is on the same domain. If you’re sending it to another domain (such as a gmail address), sometimes there are settings on your email server that have nothing to do with Epicor that need modified.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if E10 still uses the BPM Action Process. All my clients with email coming out of BPM’s have not had issues when going from E9 to E10, so I’ve had no reason to dig into how Epicor is doing this in E10 or if there are changes.

Hope that helps.
Kevin Simon
SimsTrak Consulting

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This has to match what you have set up in your company maint. In 10.1 you can leave it blank and it will use the company maint value, in 10.2 it seems like you have to put in in there. Epicor Alert won’t work.


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It works!! Thank you!

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Hey guys this is great info. I am trying to implement this in our company, but I’m running into issues. The first time an item is received an email is generated, does not matter if it was a full or partial receipt entry. When it is a partial and the remainder is received under another packing slip the email is not generated. Any ideas?

You’re going to need to change it from “updated” to “added”.

Fernando, I have tried both ways and have added both statements with an OR. First receiver always generates an email but the remaining partials do not. The strange this is that when I delete the receivers to try again both Packing Slips generate an email!

Ahh I must have misread your first message. Have you tried “Changed”?

If I recall correctly, Changed = Added or Updated

No I have not. I’ll try it and provide an update. I managed to make it work using the following.
the “ttRcvDtl.Recieved” field has been changed from “False” to “True”
Its annoying, however, that this also generates emails when the Packing slips are deleted.