BPM works on one computer not another

There is a pre-processing method directive on Part.Update that seems to work on one computer but not another (same user) and I cannot figure out why…

The gist of the BPM is that it evaluates the user’s security group and the classID of the part being updated. If the user belongs to the security group that can update four specific fields in the part class, the transaction goes forward, otherwise an error is raised. It cycles through all the part classes.

So… when User01, who is authorized for Class01, tries to change the PartDescription (one of the four that we are concerned with), an exception is raised.

However, when I log in from my computer using her credentials (this is all in TEST), I can make the change.

The biggest difference between the two computers is that she is in the office and I work remotely and am coming through a VPN.

Any thoughts as to how I go about figuring this out?

------------------ BPM details -----------------
Has there been an update to ttPart?

  1. If yes, keep going
  2. If no do nothing

Set variable ABC to ClassID

Is one of these four fields updated?

  1. If yes, keep going
  2. If no, do nothing

Is the part ClassID 01?

  1. If yes, evaluate user’s security group
  2. If no, move to condition for ClassID 02

Is the user part of the ClassID 01 security group?

  1. If yes, save record
  2. If no, raise error

Let’s see the whole thing.

False alarm, sorry. The user has two profile and was using the “other” one. I did not think to ask her if she was logging in with her secondary profile.

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