Break Routing a single report

I have a BAQ Report that I want to email daily, so I setup a style with Break Routing.

Since the report is always a “single report”, there’s no need to break on any field. But a Break/Routing report must have a Break widget, and that must have a field selected. So I added a calculated field to contain the date the BAQ is run (Calc_DataDate). This ends up being the same value in every record of the BAQ Results. So I set the Break Field to use that Calc_DataDate.

When I run that report with Routing disabled, it run fines. But when Routing is enabled, the email is sent, but the report shows no data. The report PDF is attached to the email, and the header is populated, but now data in the body of the report.

Report with Routing Disabled:

Report with Routing enabled (as received in email):

If I change the Break field to a different field (like PartBin_WarehouseCode), then the emailed reports are populated, but I get an individual email for each warehouse (with the report limited to that warehouse). I actually want a single report will all the warehouses included.

I’m going to try adding Company to the BAQ, and see if breaking on that does what I want.

Hmmm …

Breaking on the PartBin_Company works. as does a calculated field with a fixed value.
Calc Field Name: Comp
Expression: 'MC'

It just doesn’t like breaking on the Calc_DataDate field (who’s expression was GETDATE() )

So I’ll just leave it breaking on the PartBin_Comapny.

@ckrusen I usually use company for this type of situation.

Since we’re a single company, I rarely include it in BAQs.

Hi @ckrusen,

I am also trying to achieve break functionality in AR invoice balance report. The break should happen on the custID or Cust num.This is the first time, I am trying to break the report is different pdf files based on custIDs selected by the user. Is it possible with the breaking/Routing Feature? I am tried but it doesn’t work for me.

Can you help?

It worked for me. I was taking wrong Break table. It should be InvBalanceGrp Thanks again!