Budgets in Epicor

Has anyone ever created a budget for a group of GL accounts? For example, if you want to setup a budget for labor, we would want this to encompass multiple GL Accounts (no common segment values). For example, we will spend $100 on labor, includes direct and indirect across all sites. Is this possible? Does anyone have a better/different idea, perhaps using a dynamic segment? Open to ideas.

@SheMunkee The data structure for budgets are in Epicor are actually quite simple. The budget data is loaded per account and period. I do not believe the Account Budget screen accepts segment values.

Which financial reporting tool do you use? EDA and EFP offer additional budget tracking opportunities.

Thanks for the reply, @bderuvo
We will move to EDA in the future and I’ve looked at EFP. The budget of individual GL accounts is likely too granular for us right now. I have looked through the EFP and I’m not sure that offers the features I’m looking for. But perhaps I’ll build it?