Business Objects In Kinetic 2021

Our company is working through our upgrade to 10.2.700 and found out once we complete the upgrade we will only be under full support until the month of October this year (2021). That being the case we discussed going ahead and moving into Kinetic 2021. We have multiple external applications that connect to Epicor using the business objects, we need a 100 percent confident answer. Does Kinetic support Business Objects? If Kinetic does not support BO’s, what is the similarity to them with Rested API’s and are Rested API’s difficult to learn if they are way different? Sources of learning would be great too.

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Nothing has changed in that aspect.
REST doesn’t have anything to do with the BO’s it is a Façade in front of them (at the moment) you can upgrade from 700 to 21 without changing anything on the front or the back end without much issue.


I appreciate the confirmation.

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Another question related to this subject and a response from Epicor.

Do the BO’s change from 9 to Kinetic at all? I failed to mention that our company is working in 9.05.702A currently and we use the BO’s to interface with Epicor in our External Product Configurators.

Epicor responded with the following:

Jatin Purshotam 2021-08-30 11:56:26

The new Kinetic 2021 does not support any legacy WCF integration methods (i.e BO’s). The go forward with Kinetic 2021 is to leverage and utilize the REST API’s for all integrations.

Are they nudging us in a direction they want us to be in or are they referring to something else?

Shawn J

I’m not Jose but my son is named Joe.

The BO’s remain. WCF is being deprecated by Microsoft. Instead of using DLLs linked to your program, the process moving forward is via REST. This is how the Kinetic browser app will be communicating with the BOs.

Moreover, you will have access to Epicor Functions which makes writing interfaces much easier and lets you remove some of the Epicor dependency logic away from your configurators.

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No, I think you have till 2022, right?

From EpicWeb:

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