Calculating Actual PO Release Lead Time

Just curious if anybody has a technique to calculate actual PO Release Lead Time, if that makes any sense. Reason I’m asking is because in Purchase Advisor the “Actual Lead” column seems inconsistent and not reasonable and I can’t find a built in report that shows me this.

I would like to compare our stated Purchased Lead Time in Part Entry vs Actual.



I do this by reading the PartTran records and connecting to the PORel, PODetail, POHeader also RcvDtl and RcvHead.
So on a receipt record PUR-STK I can compare the receipt date with the PO Creation date or Release Data to PO Date.
Also a version for JobSub contracted stuff.
Works well for a simple Vendor Performance Score Card.
Down side of this method you get receipts that get deleted out so you will see the bad entry, the reversing transaction, then the correct entry.

Patrick Winter

We also use the transaction history for the PUR-STK but with a UD timestamp from when the PO release was created via bpm. We have some POs that get lines and / or releases added quite a bit later than PO creation date.


Both great feedback.

The issue I have comparing the PO creation date and/or other PO date with the release due date when multiple releases are created before the PO is sent. I guess what I’m looking for is a “Order Date” for the release and not just the PO, which is probably similar to what Nancy is saying. And changing the POHead Order Date before the next release then skews the previous releases calculation.

Sounds like we’ll need to go the custom field approach possibly with a BPM if we want capture and keep true release lead time.

I still welcome any other approaches.


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