Calculation of days late

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I have a question, does anyone know how days late are calculated? In the Adjust Global Scheduling Order form the Days Late field appears but I think it is wrongly calculated or I do not understand how it does the epicor calculation.

I do not find any congruence in the late days and the dates that are mentioned.

Does anyone know what is wrong?

Thank you everybody!!

Carlos Tapia

I’m not sure, but it appears that the “0” days late are all Backward Scheduled. It also appears there is a calendar that is affecting this.

apparently all the jobs that have or are scheduled backwards are correct. But how can a calendar affect that?

but there are also jobs scheduled backwards and they are not at 0.

You don’t know what arguments it takes to make the calculations?

Thanks for answering @Jason_Woods

Hi @CTapia ,
here is the answer from the scheduling course document


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Thank you very much @A.Baeisa

This helps me a lot to understand more how EPICOR calculates late days, I am going to try to reason more about the logic that the software uses, because I’m not sure what might be affecting late days, if it is a calendar or some system configuration.

By the calculation I understand that it takes as a basis the work that has the most negative days and from there it is based on the calculations of all the jobs.

Thank you very much for sharing this information and for taking the time to help me.

Carlos Tapia

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yes, that is correct, your benchmark is the most late job, and you more than welcome mate, there are two manuals on Epicor University (Standard and Advanced), the previous attached screenshots from the standard one.

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Thank you very much @A.Baeisa I will try to get the two manuals, to research more on this subject and have better knowledge.

Carlos Tapia