Calling Another Method from a BPM

Is it possible to call another Method from a BPM so to create records via business logic?
I assume this is possible and would be done with the ‘Execute Custom Code’ Caller widget.
I’m just getting started messing around with C# in Epicor and so far I have been depending on code that was converted from E9, so I’m a real newb at this, so patience please!
I have found code to create new UD table rows but I’d rather not create rows directly and instead call a method to do so.
Use Case: Working with Case Management, and the HelpDesk BO. When a Pack Slip & Line is entered on the Case we are looking for any related Job (via the Lot Number) and then we need to add a HDCaseLink row for JobHead:
RelatedToFile = ‘JobHead’, Key1 = JobNum, Description = JobNum… etc.
So far I have been able to use BPM widgets to get the JobNum if there is one but now I need to create the HdCaseLink record, preferably by calling ERP.HelpDesk.GetNewHDCaseLink

Check out the Programming Guide at EpicWeb, it has examples on how to do this.

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Thanks Jose, that helps… I think… I will poke around.
I’m running to issues with understanding namespace and service names.
Is there a way to get the structure without VS?
Trying to get into BPM’s more… sorry…