Calling Function from Custom Code with many parameters

I have a function that takes in 10 parameters and I need to call it from a Custom Code Block. I have been trying to get this to work a few different ways, but have been unsuccessful.

I try to pass in a Dynamic Object, but get a “Unexpected number of arguments provided.” error, even though I have all the parameters.

dynamic parameters = new {updateType = updateType_i, partNumber = partNumber_i, description = description_i, inventoryType = inventoryType_i, shipLength = shipLength_i, shipWidth = shipWidth_i, shipHeight = shipHeight_i, shipWeight = shipWeight_i, liftGate = liftGate_i, user = user_i };
this.InvokeFunction(“FuncLibrary”,“PartMaster”, parameters);

I’ve tried using nested tuples, but that also failed with this error “Tuple based version supports not more than seven input or output argument”
var parameters = Tuple.Create(updateType_i, partNumber_i, description_i, inventoryType_i, shipLength_i, shipWidth_i,Tuple.Create( shipHeight_i, shipWeight_i, liftGate_i, user_i));
this.InvokeFunction(“WMSInterface”,“PartMaster”, parameters);

Is there something I am missing?

Just add your parameters. No need for tuples or anything else.

this.InvokeFunction(“FuncLibrary”,“PartMaster”, param1, param2, ..., paramN);
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amazing. not sure why I didn’t think of that haha. Thanks!

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Two different people, same question, same day :rofl:

everything i found online was saying to use nested tuples or dynamic objects. Glad it was a simple resolution lol

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Old form.
They made it easier, lol.

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For once.

Hey–you weren’t around for the pre-release of app studio. It IS getting easier, lol.


Wake me up when they realize they should have went with Blazor or something similar.

May as well induce a coma.

Curious, what is App Studio based on, or is it homegrown ?
I like the way the layout stuff works, but the parameter/property setting stuff I’ve grown to hate

Blazor was not even released when this started friend!


Like Jose said, Blazer was just a gleam in the eye of Mr. Sanderson. However, in an API world, the actual UI means less, so for certain commands, creating a dedicated app in any framework is much easier.


It’s not the first, nor the last time I put my foot in my mouth :beers:

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Actually because of MetaUX someone who has a lot of time on their hands @klincecum :joy: could take Meta UX Output and build a brand new UI Experience

Meta UX tells you what controls and what their binding is, but you could write your own client to parse / render that. Someone should try, Not me I’ve been at this too long and frankly I’m tired :joy:

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Uh… maybe with a team!