Calling Order from Job BPM

I’m trying to use JobEntry.Update to update some Job Fields, then update a corresponding field on the relevant Order. So on JobEntry.Update Post Processing I’m doing a call to SO.GetByID to fill my variable then make my edits then pass that ds to SalesOrder.MasterUpdate (I know I should probably be using Update but Update wasn’t working for certain stuff and at this point it’d be a pain to try and change it).

I’m getting
"There is at least one compilation error.
Update.CommonTypes.cs(492,33): error CS0433: The type ‘JobProdTable’ exists in both 'Erp.Contracts.BO.JobEntry, Version=… and 'Erp.Contracts.BO.SalesOrder,

Update.CommonTypes.cs(328,55): error CS0433: The type ‘JobProdRow’ exists in both 'Erp.Contracts.BO.JobEntry, Version=… and 'Erp.Contracts.BO.SalesOrder, Version="

I recall another post, Proper way to use BPM to update OrderRel - #24 by jdewitt6029 - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum , saying this was fixed in 10.1.600+. Well, we’re on .600.16 and I get the error, but we’re about ready to upgrade to 200.3 so i tried it in our Test Upgrade environment too and I still get that error. Thoughts?

I just post an almost identical topic… But I have gotten no reponse, lets see if you get any help.

Why not simply put the data in the job, and then when you need the data, look it up from the sales order. In other words, keep the source of the data pure, and only store it once.

It hasn’t been fixed. It is still a known issue. No work around (outside of external DLL bpm)

Probably unrelated since you are dealing with duplicate References; but might as well throw this out here Bruce Minor documented a difference from 400 to 500 in the SO Adapter.

.NET Developers : 10.1.500 changed SalesOrder DLL methods!!

For us .NET developers who have written custom apps using the Epicor DLLs (DataAdapters and BO), we hit a snag when we upgraded Epicor to 10.1.500. All code interacting with the SalesOrderAdapter had to be changed, as the dataset we called was no longer in the DLL. After a bit of experimenting, we cracked how to “restate” our code and we are now uploading new sales orders to Epicor again.

I have posted code samples in the past. If you used them and are comtemplating upgrading to 10.1.500, please look at the OLD and NEW code samples attached. The method is used to create a new sales order header. Our old code for other objects such as Jobs and Customers continue to work fine. Hope this helps someone out there.

– Bruce Minor

CreatingSalesOrderHeader–10.1.500.pdf (33.8 KB)
CreatingSalesOrderHeader–10.1.400.pdf (32.8 KB)