Can a territory be assigned to a specific part, regardless of which customer purchases?

I have been asked if I can assign a certain territory to one of our parts, regardless of who purchases it. I don’t see this option available anywhere, but am I missing something, or would I need a BPM to accomplish this, and are there any reasons it’s a terrible idea?

You can assign a territory to Product Group, probably too broad a scope for a part specific field.
Are you trying to limit who can sell the part?

No, I believe they want to do it for commission-reasons. Because this part should always fall under a ‘House’ account for commission, no matter who sells it or what territory they belong to. So, I could create a Product Group, for only House Account items, and then assign this part to that Product Group?

Test this first, not sure if it implements any kind of restrictions.

I’m testing it now, in Pilot.