Can I use this Microsoft Technology Stack for 10/10.1?

Hi All,

Does anyone run the following Microsoft Technology Stack for Epicor 10/10.1 on a single server;

Windows 2012 R2 Standard with SQL Server 2012

  • If you do, have you had any problems?
  • Is it a good idea to run this configuration?
  • Will Epicor Support This configuration?

I appreciate any responses/opinions you can give me.



That’s​ precisely what we’ve been running since we moved for 905 to E10.
So yes you can and yes Epicor support with support it. We actually
purchased the hardware for Epicor as well.

It really depends on you environment and how many users you have. I would
download and review the E10.1 hardware sizing guide.

Norman Hutchins
Systems Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Hi Norman,

Thanks for that, I’m just getting opinions since the combination isn’t listed as supported in the E10/E10.1 installation guides. :slight_smile:



We have stated for some time SQL Server 2008 R2 & higher and anything that runs the dotNet framework version.
We were dotNet 4.5 and went to 4.6 recently. Anything that runs that is compatible.

We have discussed needing a higher version of SQL Server to take advantage of some new bells and whistles in SQL latest but nothing has been planned or announced yet.

I do REALLLY like that MS has made some significant changes in SQL licensing - no longer needing Enterprise licensing for everything.