Can't change price in New PO Suggestions

Hey all,

Been doing some testing and come to realize that you can no longer edit the prices in New PO Suggestions! The field is there but is greyed out. Is this just my version or what is going on? Particularly difficult to deal with when don’t use Supplier Price Lists for all parts.

Tested this on both .2 and .3 with same results


Still can. The Unit Price field is hidden by default though. Need to un hide it on personalizations.

We found that - just it shows up as greyed out and not able to change the value.

Can you change the price on the detail tab? I did this earlier today. DocUnitPrice was unhidden (read only), but Unit Price was hidden. Both have a column label of Unit Price.

I confirmed this morning. Neither Unit Price is editable in “grid” view however is editable in detail mode.

I believe that you have found a bug in the grid view. You should report it to Technical Support so that it gets escalated. You can edit it on the detail mode, but just not in the list/grid view.