Capture COS/WIP activity that will not post

One of my clients had this problem in version 8.803 thru to 8.806 for 6
for 8 jobs. Looks like a timing issue.

Vantage Support came back with the following work around:-

From the cos/wip report get the job number of the unposted

Go to the job in job closing and unclose the job.

Go to job adjustment and for one of the materials do a 1cent adjustment
Dr then a 1cent adjustment Cr

Back to job closing and close the job.

Then if your period is still open (or reopen it if OK with Accounts) try
a post and it should post (test by running the unposted cos/wip again).

If your period is closed then when you post the next period the
transactions will pop up and you can redate them to the first date of
the new period and post.

Again check they have posted with the unposted cos/wip report.


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