Start using Capture COS/WIP Activity after 5 years of not

Hi John, As far as I'm aware there are only 2 tables that create COSWip GL transactions. These are PartTran and LaborDtl. There are columns (PostedToGL in PartTran and PostedToGL and WipPosted in LaborDtl) that take the value of 0 (= un-posted) and 1 (=posted). It should therefore be possible to update these and prevent historic transactions from posting.
I'm looking for some guidance on how to transition to using the inventory journal. We've been on Vantage for over 5 years during which time this has been unchecked.

The inventory/WIP reconciliation report is useless to us at the moment due to the number of unposted transactions.

We were told we need to run the capture COS/WIP activity function. The primary obstacle appears to be the volume of inventory transaction date exceptions.
We are running into a list box showing over 64k exceptions. We have attempted to use a paste/update. However, list boxes are processed very inefficiently causing it to slow down progressively after each record. Over a 3 day weekend and it was still only 1/3 of the way through.

I've tried stepping the time span down to 1 day but still get hit withy the full 64k exceptions.

We have DMT available to us. Is there a way to flag the transactions using this tool instead? Anyone know what is being updated through use of the capture cos/wip activity function?

Any help would be very much welcome.