Change Default Title of a Search Window

I would like to change the default title of a search window. I am currently using:
Ice.UI.FormFunctions.SearchFunctions.listLookup(this.oTrans, "OrderDtlSearchAdapter", out recSelected, true, whereClause, true);
I know how to add and remove columns from the list, but not change the actual title (in this case the title is “Order Line Detail Search”)

Maybe not the answer you are looking for but what about invoking a Quick Search that you already named?

I know to override the Base Search you can do:

private void oTrans_adapter_BeforeAdapterMethod(object sender, BeforeAdapterMethodArgs args)
    switch (args.MethodName)
        case "GetRows":
        case "GetList":
            // Set Search Column to Display (Override Base)
            EpiSearchBase adapterSearchForm = oTrans_adapter.SearchForm;
            //adapterSearchForm.Width = 500;
            if (adapterSearchForm != null)
                adapterSearchForm.Text = "Search";
                // Parameters: Data Column Name, Column Header Text, Width, Is Result, Position
                adapterSearchForm.SetEpiSearchColumn(new EpiSearchColumn("Key1", "Batch ID", 30, true, 0), true);
                adapterSearchForm.SetEpiSearchColumn(new EpiSearchColumn("Character01", "Description", -1, false, 1), true);
                adapterSearchForm.SetEpiSearchColumn(new EpiSearchColumn("Key2", "Type", -1, false, 2), true);
                adapterSearchForm.SetEpiSearchColumn(new EpiSearchColumn("Key3", "Sub-Type", -1, false, 3), true);

Therefore I am wondering if you can do something like this to your search, perhaps only if you use the Adapter to call it up and not the Helper Method.


This code works great if there is already an adapter. However, that is obviously not the case here.

Yep, thats why I stated perhaps you should include the Adapter OrderDtlSearchAdapter and not use the listLookup but call the Search yourself?

Would this go on a customization or in a BPM? I am attempting to modify the Transfer Order Workbench search screen and Quick Search doesn’t seem to be a viable option here. So if I can at least display a few extra columns to help identify what is generating the suggestions, that would be helpful for the folks who review them.