Change Job Traveler material decimal length

I couldn’t find anything when searching so I figured I would ask. I’m trying to make a simple change to the job traveler but it seems more complicated than I thought with it being sql based… All I want to do is make it so the Required qty prints out 4 decimal places and not just two. Current expression for the field is,

=formatnumber(Fields!RequiredQty.Value,first(Fields!DecimalsQuantity.Value, “RptParameter”))

I’ve tried a few things that I found here, Strings.FormatNumber(Object, Int32, TriState, TriState, TriState) Method (Microsoft.VisualBasic) | Microsoft Learn But my lack of knowledge on how to write SSRS expressions ended up in either an #Error displayed, or no changes at all.

This is what I recommend.

change the expression to this


Then right click on the text box and click on Text Box Properties. There is a number tab that allows you to format the field just like in Excel.

I personally despise the FormatNumber expression and never use it.

I was hoping there was a way to use the text box properties to control that display, thank you for confirming my suspicions.

Well that doesn’t work… It seems to stem from the problem of JobMtl RequiredQty field only being formatted for 2 decimal places… Ugh…

Please hold, I may have been editing the wrong report…

Yup, that was it… I edited the correct “custom report” file and it now shows 4 places. whoops!