Change Log in Memo Entry-Customer Maintenance

We are looking into adding Change Log into the Memo Entry, if possible in any way.
This way we can track if changes are made in the memo already entered.
Also is there any way to put security on Memo Category?

Help is appreciated.


Hi Marina,

Take a look at post below, it tells how to make a table that does not as a standard in system have change log, get ability to turn log on via data directive bpm. After making it work via the zDataTable in the instructions, then in the data directive bpm on Memo table, you should get the ability to turn change log on the memo category id field. You can then review data on changes using BAQ if needed, or you’ll need to do a customization to the memo form to show change log.


We created a BPM that prevents a user from changing or deleting a memo once it has been saved. If things change then a new memo is created to list the change.

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Thanks Nancy for your reply. I will try this solution.

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