Change Log on Transfer Order Entry

Trying to add Change Log functionality to Transfer Order Entry (not there by default, Found the SQL from Haso Keric to add the Change Log to the Data Directives BPM, and that DOES add a record to the ChgLog table, but the Key1/Key2 fields are incorrect. The first entry for a particular transfer order puts the TFOrderNum in both the Key1 and Key2 fields, and additional records for the SAME transfer order just increment those numbers (not adding the line number or a Key3 value). These records would not be searchable.

Transfer Order number XXX000002
Record1: Key1 = XXX000002, Key2 = XXX000002, Key3 = (blank)
Record2: Key1 = XXX000003, Key2 = XXX000003, Key3 = (blank)

I haven’t done any further testing so far.

What am I doing wrong?

Just about to dig into this - did you ever find anything?

FWIW - 10.2.300.23 has ChangeLog widgets available in: TFOrderDtl, TFOrderHed, TFShipDtl, TFShipHead, TFShipUPS

TFOrdSug does not have the ChangeLog widget

good to know, still on

Did some checking … And while the Widgets are already available, the OP’s problem still exists.

Change Log for TFOrderHed:

Change Log for TFOrderDtl:

Key1 looks like it is supposed to be the line number - as the value includes TFLineNum, but the the number following it is the TFOrderNum: