Change Log - supplier price list

epicor version 9.05.701

As per screenshot there is no change logs behind ACTIONS in supplier price list.
There is a BAM table to setup a change log but how do i view them?
Or is there an alternative way?..can i build a BAQ to link to the VENDPART table?

I don’t recall if in E905 one could have a BAQ on Chglog, if you can see chglog then you absolutely can use a BAQ to do so

select * from dbo.chglog
where tablename = 'Vendpart'
and key1 (key2, key3, etc) = values unique to the record you are looking for

Yes, you will need to create a BAQ. I have had to do this for several logs we track that don’t have this option available.


Just want to revisit this one…

  1. I applied a BAM on the vendpart table using 4 fields.
  2. Then i ran this report: Executive Analysis/Reports/Change Log Report and filtered for the VendPart table

That seemed to do the trick, only pitfall is it logs added parts, changes to the 4 fields, BUT NOT deleted parts.

(4 fields were: partnum, baseunitprice, leadtime, effectivedate)

Also:…where is the change log file stored on the server? I’d like to keep a track on it just in case it gets crazily huge.

I always write a BAQ to pull from the ChngLog (?) table (sorry I am no 10 now and forget the name)

I have never used the out of box report. I don’t think you can capture deletes…it doesn’t exisist to log…I could be wrong.


You are not wrong. Doesn’t do record deletes in 10.2 either.