Changing dates on an approved PO

When we change delivery dates on an approved PO, it makes the PO unapproved and it goes through complete approval process again. How can we stop it? we still want the PO to go through an approval cycle if qty or prices are changed on a PO.

Hi Suhail,

We have also had to deal with this annoyance. It truly makes date maintenance on PO releases a nightmare IMO.
So… to get around it, we made an updateable query and dashboard for user who is not approver to update PO release dates. It’s also nice because it is not all of this drill down into the PO release detail tab to fix the dates. In the background, a bpm (updatable BAQ method directive) runs to unapprove (preprocessing) and reapprove (post processing) the po’s that have had date change upon field update per screenshot below.