Approved PO Can't change?

I have a PO that has gone through the approval process but they had the wrong Supplier part number on the the line. I can’t save the changes because the PO has been approved. Any way around this? Will they need to cancel this PO and create a new one. I can’t even add a new line. I was surprised because I used to make changes to PO after approved.


You should be able to use the “Approve” check box on the PO Entry screen and set it back to Unapproved. You might need to be authorized user or even manager to do it, but I know you can make a approved PO unapproved and then make changes to it.

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I agree with Tom, I think you probably are not setup as an authorized user for the buyer on the PO. We have never been able to edit POs without unapproving, editing, reapproving.



Seems this was direct PO without a PR and hence cannot be edited once approved

Get the person who made the PO to unapproved it and then change it.


Our purchasing manager is also having the same problem; even though she has been authorized to make changes to any POs she creates.

Hi Ahn - two things about the screenshots: (1) for Lilly’s, yes she would need to uncheck the Approved button to make any changes, then re-approve, and (2) for your screenshot it shows the PO as closed. Did something happen between the time Lilly sent you her screenshot and you did yours? Also, for you to make changes to her PO you need to be set as an authorized buyer for her.


In the 1st screenshot, I was trying to show that Lilly has the power to maintain any POs. In 2nd screenshot, shows Lilly emailing asking why she could not be able to change the price on the PO she was working on. As I understood, she closed that PO since she could not have been able to change the details on that PO.

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What happened when she tried to unapprove the PO by clicking on the checkbox next to where it said Approved? To make changes to a PO, it must be in unapproved status.

as she stated that she unapproved it first and then change the pricing, but it wouldn’t let her click approved after. It’s giving her an error message as we have known above.

Thank you