Changing External BAQ data source

Is there a way to modify the table being used in an external BAQ without changing anything else in the BAQ?

I have an external data source (a live Vantage 5.2 database) set up in our Epicor 10.2. External BAQs work great. I have added a 2nd external data source which is just a non-live copy of the Vantage 5.2 database and would like to make external BAQs against it. All fields etc are the same for the External BAQ, so I am trying to use the drop-down on the External BAQ screen to simply switch the external data source and run the same query using the same BAQ against the same (copied) database. I am getting an error:

ERROR [S0002] [OpenLink][Virtuoso ODBC Driver][Virtuoso Server]SQ200: No table WLS-SQL89.ShipHead

This means that it is looking for wrong table. Above it is looking for WLS-SQL89 but I want it to query WLS-COPY without otherwise changing the external BAQ. Is there a way to do that? I just need a way to change the FROM line below from WLS-SQL-89.ShipHead to WLS-COPY.ShipHead. Is there a way to edit that without completely re-writing the whole query?

(yes I could re-write this simple example query no problem but the issue is that I have hundreds of queries already written, some of them with many hours of work into them, so I don’t want to recreate every single one.)


Well I was able to find a way to get this to work, but not within Epicor. I had to change how my external data source was presenting the data to Epicor to make it match. My question still remains though, is there a way to edit just one line of the BAQ?

Aren’t you asking about two things?

The data source would be the database itself.

The table/view you have underlined in the query phrase is contained in the external data source.

If you created a new view with a different name then you will need to drop the new table/view into the BAQ editor for it to update to the new view. There is no replace table/view name feature that I know of.