Clear and Reload UI After Transfer

Building on my last project, I am trying to disable the Transfer button in Inventory Transfer if a PCID is considered “closed”. I have everything working finally except one minor detail. After you hit Transfer, the PCID is effectively “closed”… and if you were to close and re-launch or clear the form and re-enter the PCID, it would be greyed out and not let you transfer. But immediately after the transfer, while still in the form, the UI doesn’t seem to refresh itself. I tried to do a simple refresh and that doesn’t fix it. I have to clear and re-launch. What would I need to do in a BPM to simulate that same thing?

@dr_dan dsholder.attach is the thing you need.

Thanks @gpayne. This was definitely the thing I was thinking of… but it actually didn’t work on this screen. There was no GetByID method in InvTransfer and I couldn’t figure out how to fill the ds I wanted to attach. I’m told Inventory Transfer is a fickle one. I eventually ended up getting it to work by setting the field in the dataView manually on the Button click event and then oTrans.NotifyAll and that refreshed my screen after the transfer was complete… which disabled the Transfer button.

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