Closing a job "A labor detail record is either active or has not been approved."

Hello All, running into an issue where I am trying to close a job, and am receiving “A labor detail record is either active or has not been approved.”

How can I see what the issue is, also , is there a way I can see all employees still clocked into the job, without having to go 1 by 1 to all my employees?

I use this baq it is updateable to end the activity. But i all so think there is a Conversion workbench fix that could also work for you as well. but this will help identify it.

LaborDtl.baq (48.1 KB)


Thanks Devin, but surely there must be a way to do this without a BAQ, I like to understand what I am working with before I jump into shortcuts, because if something breaks… I don’t know how to fix it.

Actually we had some that were so broken they couldn’t even be fixed by the BAQ and we had to have support make us a datafix.


so as you see it, the only way to see if someone is logged in… is to go 1 by 1, or just to fix the issue I am running into regarding the labor detail record?

Sorry, jumped ahead and assumed you had found the transaction and couldn’t get it fixed.

Job Tacker → Job Details → Operations → Labor Transactions should get you what you are looking for I think.

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Ohhhh, I think that is it, thank you, working on it now

Ok, is there a way to retrieve the labor transactions for all operations, rather than clicking one by one?

… the BAQ @Devin.Draeger posted? :laughing:

There might be, but I don’t know off the top of my head


uggg, that hurts,… not for me, I am the IT Manager, and just making it work but for the team that will be using it. Since I see that when I click off that operation, then come back to it, it is gone, does this mean it really does not need to be retrieved, only when you want to track?

Try the job status dashboard. I think it will have what you need.


Nice, I think more people at my workplace could make use of that

It’s super helpful, and kind of hidden. There is lots of good info in there.

yeah, thinking of adding that to my document, thank you

SO i guess there is still something I am missing

What’s your question? The tabs on top show the details.

If I try to close it, I get the business logic error, a labor detail record is either active or has not been approved, but I am not sure what is not done

What does this tab show?


click on the tab, then I think you might have to hit refresh

I see that Opr complete, let me check to see if i can complete those from within the job, this is my test environment, we have not gone live yet, still working out some kinks, thanks for your patience.

the 24:00 means that they are still clocked in.

And the labor hours at 0