Closing Job's Process

Is there anyway that when you close a job it also will close an order so that no entries can be made against the order (New Lines, Shipments)

Welcome Syd!
I don’t think the Job Closing process will close your sales orders. But this is computer software we are talking about. There is always a way!
In this case, I think you could write a BPM method directive triggered on one of the job closing methods, to grab the related sales order, and tell that to close. Sorry, I don’t have a better answer for you! Good luck!

the software will not auto close the sales order when a job is complete. That would take a customization (see @NateS answer).
The reason is that you could have a sales order that has multiple lines… the lines might not all be shipped yet when one of the jobs is complete.
Note that sales orders also automatically close when you have completely shipped the order, so there should not be a problem with sales orders unless you repeatedly under-manufacture what was on the order.

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Thanks! I guess a better question would be is there a way to “lock” the sales order so that you can no reopen the order to add lines to it after it ships complete?

Yes, if that is a rule you want, then you can create a BPM that would prohibit sales orders from being reopened.