Cloud Client Install - Dedicated Tennency - is there a silent install?

I see some reference to using silent.bat made from the full client install. I only have an EpicorCloudERP.exe that requires me to interactively select the server and options I want to install. Ideally I could make a config file and install silently from ManageEngine Desktop Central, PDQ Deploy, other… something.

I can’t find anything to help me with this. Anyone know of anything? I have not sent in a help request to Epicweb but I did ask as an aside of someone helping me on another case and have not heard back.

Not sure this applies, to cloud based, but typically the first time you run the installer on a client it creates a silent install batch file. I assume permissions play a role in this so I would check those for the folder you are running the installer from.

I haven’t found one yet, but I’ve been installing from the desktop each time. The next one I run I will put in a folder on the C: drive. I’m a domain admin so it’s not permissions :wink: I suspect that there may be a different installer I need to request, this one is very wizard driven.

(Also, thanks for the suggestion!)

I did not find one.

What I learned was that I can copy the client directory from a fully installed/patched copy and recreate the shortcuts on the new machine, and it should work. I had thought I would need to install it first, but I have used this in the past to get from the base install to the patched version. I will try this later and let you know if it works.