ComboBox - UD Table or User Codes

I have a request from one of my user to add a dropdown in the line detail of the Opportunity/Quote Entry. I had been researching and looks like I can use a UD table or User Code to store my data. There’s not a lot of data (6 Site IDs) and these data will never change. Which method is better and why?

User Codes are much easier… there is a built in feature for doing that inside the Extended properties…

  1. create the User Code
  2. go to the extended properties and link to the usercode
  3. log off/on and clear cache (just in case)
  4. go into customization and add the combo field to the screen… it will automatically link up the combo box to the User Code table.

Thanks Tim. I decided to use “User Codes” since there are only 6-8 Codes that will go in there, and will never change.

So this is what I did. However, seems I am missing something.

  1. System Maintenance–>User Codes and create a Code Type and input my UD Codes.
  2. Go into UD Column Maintenance and create a UD Field for table Quotedtl.
  3. Go into Extended Properties and pull up Quotedtl_UD
  4. From Extended Properties click on the column name and then Column–>Detail Sheet.
  5. Change the Linked Column to the extended UD field. Change UD Code Type to my UD Code.
  6. Quote/Opportunity with developer mode. Check “base only” and click “OK”.
  7. Went to customization–>add combo field in the Line–>Detail sheet.

Not sure what the properties is that I need, but this is what I did.

I saved the customization/program, cleared client cache, and go back to that customized form. When I click on the combobox, I get the following error:

Error accessing the database: Invalid column name ‘PLANT’.

Any ideas if there’s issue with my setting in the combobox properties or somewhere else?

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missing quotes…

Ah thank you. That was it. I tried double quotes and didn’t work until I set it to single quote. It now shows up the value from my User Codes table.

However, it doesn’t seem like this is link to the extended UD field I did with the Extended Properties. Am I missing something?

Your original properties image showed that you missed on setting an EpiBinding …


I looked there at the Quotedtl table, but do not see my UD field I created. When I go into BAQ, my extended UD field is there. Just not within this Epibinding. Anything else I need to do? After creating the UD field, I ran data regen. Then it showed up when I go and do my BAQ, just not in this Epibinding.

I looked at the UD Column Maintenance for Quotedtl_UD. In the “Table” shee, it stated “Table in sync”. However, “Data Model not synced”. I did look at another table I added an extended UD Field and it’s showing up. So something to do with the data model not synced. How do i go about syncing the data model?

Regen data model then recycle IIs (make sure no active process is running ) (and make sure you are doing this for the right env. (it did happen I regen the wrong one ! :wink: )
Close your Epicor and re-open (often I do not see the new ud_fields in my custo otherwise)

Thank you. That worked.

Hi Tim (or forum gurus!),

Can you clarify the use of Linked Column field in Extended Properties? The Field Help for Linked Column states that this is for a different column to appear next to it in a grid view (like a UOM next to Qty). The other UserCode dropdowns we already have in place do not have any linked columns. Thanks!

Field Help:Linked Column

Use the Linked Column drop-down list to select a column that moves with the current field (column) when it is repositioned on a grid.

Example: If the current field is a quantity field and you want its corresponding unit of measure field to move with it, select the UOM field from this list. Now when a user clicks, drags, and drops the numeric quantity field to a new location on a grid, the selected UOM field is automatically dragged with it.

I believe that the linked column is only for “grid views”… so when you have fields that are always related, they are kept together in the grid. Qty/UOM, or maybe Part Num & Part Desc… I have personally found this slightly irritating if I want to rearrange my grid differently and the automation stops me from doing so.

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