Configurator BOM data

QuoteMtl might be what i need, i think i was trying to go to far down the configurator path. Thanks for the heads up on this table.

Hello Group,

I'm on ver 10.1

I'm making a report related to Configured parts that are being quoted. I need to display a single level BOM of the part being quoted and I'm not terribly familiar with the configurators table layout or the way it saves this data.

I'm familiar with the partmtl table, and it looks like this houses the super BOM for the base part, but no new records for the parts i'm creating using the configurator. i've looked through some of the 'Pc' prefixed tables and haven't found one that contains the info i'm looking for. What am i missing? 

thanks for taking the time to read my question.

Could you use the Quote tables for that data?