Configurators with Kinetic

We’re starting to create more product configurators, but want to future-proof as much as possible.

How will Kinetic Quote Entry & Order Entry work with configurators? Will we be creating a Kinetic front-end for a configurator, but everything else can stay as-is?

We just installed the latest 10.2.600.x EDU environment to start kicking the tires of Kinetic development.

Our company is also looking at a massive undertaking to implement Magento & ECC during the next year.


@Rich? @amelton?


@askulte - check this link
41:20 mentions Configurator and 45:15 mentions functions via events

I asked @amelton during the Virtual Summit yesterday and got a guarded reply about it being delayed to .800 (or vNext) but I’m dying to hear the real answers.

To me it sounds like we’ll have to package up all the code into Epicor Functions and recreate the configurator screen from scratch where we can call Functions from the control events (get/lose focus, click, etc) but not have any real code at the ‘page’ level. Just my prediction at the moment…

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I would agree with the video link and say it is still too early to know exactly what we will get with Configurator in Kinetic. It is my understanding that if you build things in EWC (Epicor Web Configurator) that you will be closer to what you need for Kinetic because the client side of EWC is already built in TypeScript. I believe (but have no confirmation) that all the Client side/Server Side UDMethod functionality will still be available, as will new features such as the ability to call Epicor Functions. I guess we all get to “Wait and See!”.

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What’s the latest on this? I’ve spent the last several months (and my company has spent the last two years) preparing to go live with legacy configurators. If Kinetic breaks them, Kinetic will be a non-starter.

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