Congratulations Chris Warticki - Iron Man

A huge congratulations to Chris Warticki, Joe Goodrum, and Bill Wilson, who were this year’s CEO Award winners for outstanding yearly performance. Chris, our “Iron Man” winner, took the bull by the horns to build out and scale our customer success management organization. The “King Midas” award went to Joe Goodrum, who took over responsibility for the business mid-year without skipping a beat – and grew manufacturing 20% YoY. Finally, Bill Wilson was awarded the “Chess Master” for consistently bringing his near-encyclopedic knowledge to our biggest customers and sales campaigns. He provides critical technical expertise to cut through the fluff and get to substance when evaluating acquisitions. Congratulations, Chris, Joe, and Bill for a job well done!
-Epicor CEO

Congratulations to @cwarticki #IronMan

It’s been a year already! Since @Mark_Wonsil created the post:

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I just hope you visit the forums a bit more :slight_smile: your most vocal opportunities are within the posts of this forum. I just requested an SDK Password via Support, waiting for it for 9 days! After 2 failed attempts :slight_smile: Running a 7z cracker to crack the password myself for something I have a license to, because support failed (re-ocurring thing everytime a password is involved). CS0001741921

Anyways point being :slight_smile: visit us more often! We complain, bitch and moan here more than anywhere else, we are the hidden opportunities. But despite that, we are evangelists of the product.

Most of the time we aren’t the CEOs or Project Managers, we are the folks who get the work done in the battlefield and the CEOs, PMs just think its magic. :poop: As for Account Reps - communication is like pulling teeth :expressionless: “id like to spend 10,000$ im on my knees, take it! take it! send me the licenses…” – 1 month later “ok” :expressionless:


I do believe it takes a good 2-3yrs at a company to start making a diff, since you are bombarded from every angle with every request. We are here to help if we can.