Connecting MS Power Apps to Epicor

We have a custom app that was written by a local company that our shipping department uses to track what was on what truck, what was in what box, take pictures, etc. The original developer is no longer interested in helping with the project and we are looking at ways to rewrite it and make some changes/improvements. The app reads information from several tables and writes to several UD tables.

We are currently live on 10.2.200 but are preparing for Kinetic and this project would go live along with the Kinetic upgrade.

We have been talking with another local company about taking over development of the app but they are short staffed and the timeline keeps getting pushed out.

I started looking into ways that I could rewrite it using Microsoft Power Apps. Using our Pilot database, I was able to make a direct SQL connection for some very basic testing. Based on some advice, I started looking into using REST api calls instead and have been struggling ever since. I saw someone else on this board having issues getting that connection to work correctly. I have very little experience with REST so it is a steep hill. Yes, I have read the REST Overview Novel.

I have run across a few companies that claim to make a connector that simplifies connecting Epicor to other tools. CData is the main one I have been talking to so far and am waiting for some answers from. Does anyone have experience using these connectors?

Thoughts on the direct SQL connection?

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@timshuwy I just watched your webinar on Automation Studio. I am awaiting pricing from our CAM. Do you think it would work for our connection between MS Power Apps and Epicor?

Big fat NO on SQL connection - unless its read only.

You are going to find a hard time finding anything as direct as simply using the Epicor REST API. I am sure there are some folks that can simplify somethings, but at the end of the day, you’ll still need to learn to use their solution - so why not spend the learning time to learn the most flexible solution.

Even with REST, you can do direct updates (similar to SQL) if you do not use the “custom” methods that interact with the biz objects. I assume you already have a pretty good understanding of biz objects and how to use them, if not, I’d say that’s first priority.

While the REST has a bit of learning curve, it’s not too bad. I think you’d benefit from just hiring a consultant to walk you through effectively using REST. Go over the basics, the gotchas, and then walk thru some real world scenarios.

As far as Automation Studio - I think it has a place, but i dont know that ROI will work out in the long run with perpetual licensing, so if you have the skills to do your own integrations - personally - I feel that you are better off that way. Also, while I see it being much better\easier to use than Service Connect, let’s never forget that Service Connect was also a “non-developer” tool that often times even frustrated the developers.

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Thanks Chris. Luckily @Banderson is a friend and ex-coworker and has been helping me get through some of the initial REST stuff. I will probably need to step that up and have him walk me through some examples and testing.

I set Automation Studio aside and am making progress trying to run the REST calls through the Microsoft On-Premises Gateway. Unless someone knows a better way to make the connection between our on-prem Epicor and a cloud based app.

That works, the other option is to make a public IP and expose your AppServer to the world (which certainly has some implications)