Consecutive Operations

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I have a problem with the operations in the jobs, we have three Machine resources (Laser Cutters) but when assigning all the cutting operations of a job it intersperses them with the operations of other jobs, the intention is to program all the cutting operations of a work consecutively and upon completion all other job operations are scheduled.

Does anyone know how to get one or more resources to consecutively schedule the operations of a job?

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This has always been a challenge… basically the system sees operations as separate tasks, and it assumes that tasks do not have to be completed consecutively.
my basic rules:

  1. if you pick up the part, do three things, and then put the part down: THEN this is ONE OPERATION with THREE STEPS.
  2. if you Pick up a part, do ONE thing, and put it down, this is ONE operation with ONE step.

But, i know that this does not always resolve the issue… sometimes you put a part into a machine at the beginning of a line, and three different things happen on three different machines (or resources) before being “put down”. This is a good argument for making a single operation with multiple resources tied to it.
Example, I had a customer who had the following setup:
Step 1: LOAD Sheet Metal into machine ((Machine X) one person (person A))
Step 2: CUT Metal (one machine X)
Step 3: PRESS / BEND Metal (two people (person A & B), one machine (Machine Y)
Step 4: GLUE & Press (Two People, Person C & D and One Machine (Machine Z).
How did they do this? At the beginning… Person A would “Clock into the job” and start working…
At the end, when the last piece came through the line… person D would clock out of the job. The Work Center had a work center rate that included the entire team rate + Machine rates. The Machines were all bundled as though they were one machine.


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If it is a big challenge, I have tried setting cability for the cut operation and assigning a different resource priority to each of the machines, but that problem still exists.

Apparently from what I’ve read all have solved it outside of EPICOR, the decision to put all the same operations of a job in a resource is made by the master programmer.