Constrained Material

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Curently our company “Ignores Constrained Materials” when running MRP and Global Scheduling, I have been pushing to stop ignoring constrained materials and am doing testing in Pilot, all of our parts are are not checked as “constrained material” inside Part Maintenance, so I picked a few materials to start with marked them as constrained and ran MRP/Global but I’m seeing most of our parts either ticked or not ticked as constrained material behaving as if they are constrained. When I check Epicor help it says the 3 below method are used to define constrained materials.

  1. The Constrained Materials check box is selected on the part record
  2. The Make Direct check box is selected within the manufactured material record defined on the part method
  3. A PO Date is defined on the PO for a purchased material

Do all 3 above need to be true for it to be a constrained material or only 1? for example I dont have constrained material checked on the part record but I have a PO date on the PO for the P material?

constrained material also uses the leadtime, and the current quantity on hand. If you have enough on hand, then material is not constrained.
if however, you do NOT have enough, then the system will use the leadtime for purchased items to determine when the material will be available for jobs. The job’s operation where the material is associated to will have a start date on-or-after the date that the material is available (the leadtime).
OH… you might also need to set the Finite Scheduling flag in MRP to make this happen (I dont remember that detail).

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