Conversion Program - Automation

Has anyone tried automating running a conversion program? We are looking to run conversion program 6430 on a monthly basis through an automation process. I couldn’t find any similar topics through the search.

Because the Epicor Admin Tools run inside a Windows application, it could be automated with a Windows scripting tool. This is the only method I’ve found for scripting these tools in the E9 world.

Could you provide an example of a Windows scripting tool that we could look into and test with?

it can automate mouse and keyboard movements/strokes and I used it back in the day when I was working with E905. Fully automated an ASCII dump and load with it parsing a before and after tab analysis then providing a report. Works well.

I’ll have to take a look but it uses scripting which will take a little more time on my end. I was hoping the UI would be more user friendly. Was hoping that it would record mouse and keyboard strokes like you said to create the script itself.

I sure there are others that are a bit more point and click out there.