Conversion Program Fear!

After reading some of the threads about a few seemingly helpful conversion programs to run. I often run the 10250 code for the things that wont post and have no review journal entry, but I have a couple of other problems that have me thinking that I need to run 6430, 9527, and maybe 9201. The 9527 will apparently go through and fix the discrepancies in the customer credit area, but I’m scared that I’m going to run this one after hours and come in the next day to a customer database with all kinds of problems. I have the same fear about 6430 since it goes through all of the parts. Someone talk me off the ledge!


Hi Paul,

I wish I could talk you off the ledge, but I cannot. We needed to run the 6430 regularly back when we were on 905702, but not since E10 thankfully. We found that you need do 6430 when no job transactions are being done and after we did our transfer order shipments for the week. Otherwise it would break other demand / inventory numbers instead of just fixing what was in need of ‘conversion’ program. Also, I greatly regretted running the fix book details records conversion last year. It definitely created some new errors and there was no report only feature. Once clicked submit, it ran like a wild horse. :frowning:

That said, perhaps make a copy of production, evaluate what the area looks like that’s getting the conversion, then run it and compare.

BTW I always thought Epicor should provide a guide of EXACTLY what the conversion was doing, like some SQL details or something, instead of the seemingly innocuous “Fix book detail records” that are in error.


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I wont have much of a problem running the conversion with no activity going on, but we are also running without a service contract, so if things get hairy……


For V8 and E9 I usually ran conversions on weekends during normal maintenance, never had any issues.

6430 - Recalc OnHand, Allocation

  • every 2nd weekend
  • full report mode and then convert mode only if changes indicated

9527 - Set Credit Limit (related to summarized values in Customer Tracker)

  • every 2nd weekend

I did some work for one site that ran 6430 twice a day.
For whatever reason, their OnHand and Allocations would go stale
I suspected it was a combination of high volume sales and had a lot of customizations.

Welp, whenever we ran a conversion program and it went awry… we didn’t call support anyway. Maybe that’ll help you feel better about it?

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Thanks Nancy


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Bruce, thanks a bunch for some positivity!