Copying Epicor Environments - Best Practice?


We’re an Epicor Public Cloud customer with three environments: ‘Live’, ‘Pilot’ and ‘Third’ .

So far we’ve been working in Pilot. We’re now looking to set up ‘Third’ as a clean test system, which has our base configuration (e.g. Chart of Accounts) and all of our changes/customisations. (E.g. BAQs/ Dashboards/ BPMs / reports / personalisation / menu items). However, I don’t want to carry over any transactional data.

I’ve been trying to create a CAB file in Solutions workbench and have learned some minor lessons. E.g.

  • When adding BAQs and menu items to the Solution, there’s no filter to separate the ones we’ve created vs the system ones. (In future, I’d probably add a specific suffix when naming them).

My current question - is anyone aware of a faster way to achieve our goal with setting up the new environment, or is using Solutions Workbench the only approach?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Don’t forget DMT.


There’s a DevOps Epicor Idea that’s promoting this very thing.

Check out those Ideas! I’m almost to 80 votes as of today.

Cloud Services will on request take a backup of an environment and “ring fence it” so that you can restore to that. This allows you to setup all of the data/customizations/bpms/functions etc. you need, take a backup, then transact and roll back as required, then you can tweak ask them to backup/ring fence again then transact


That’s really useful to know, thanks!