Correct Way to Calculate Payroll Hours

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As every little action always causes a reaction, what is the correct way to calculate payroll in Epicor regardless of the modules everyone uses? Is there such a method?

For example, we currently use this query for calculating Pay Hours (don’t worry about the syntax or grouping, it was taken out of context):

SELECT Company, EmployeeNum, dbo.F_END_OF_WEEK(PayrollDate, 1) AS PayWeekEnding, SUM(PayHours) AS WHours
FROM EpicorLive10.dbo.LaborHed AS l
GROUP BY Company, EmployeeNum, dbo.F_END_OF_WEEK(PayrollDate, 1)

However, we just started using KanBan receipt entry and now that we are, we are seeing another laborhed row being created the first time someone reports a kanban receipt for the day. This results in two laborhed rows both with pay hours = to the amount of hours their shift has. See this post for more details on that Kanban reciepts and Time Entry

In short, is there a foolproof way to calculate pay hours in Epicor that will never* be impacted by process changes so long as an employee is always clocking in and clocking out?

Thanks in advance for any help or examples of how you are doing it now.

Can you key off of these fields to get rid of the KanBan transactions?

@Banderson that’s what I would like to do, but I just want to make sure that it is the “correct” thing to do. It would work for now, but will it work forever? I was hoping someone who uses Epicor Payroll would be able to breakdown how the report is calculating it so I could do the same thing. I would like to use best practices. I am pretty sure that using the fields you circled would be best practice and I will probably end up modifying our reports to use those instead of just taking all laborhead rows.

Another thing that I am worried about is the calculation of idle time on the main/clocked in header. If you see the example below, I clocked in for a period of time without clocking into an activity, then completed a KanBan receipt. The KanBan Reciept recorded the estimated time as labor time, which I would expect, but I also have a sum of labor time on the main payroll qualified header.

So now on the labor detail, it’s adding my earned labor and idle time together. Are there other areas where this would happen that could cause problems? I’m worried about costing and labor reporting in general.

@Banderson that is intriguing. I am not sure if there are other areas where this would happen and cause problems. None of the Kanban documentation mentions these transactions at all.

Yeah, I would like to put a case in but I don’t even know what to ask??? I’m assuming that they will say it’s working as designed, and if I don’t understand it, get a consultant. (you know, everyone’s favorite case resolution). But I can’t find any documentation on it either, and I’m a little worried about unintended consequences.

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@Banderson Classic. Also, do you know if this is a new thing (the extra laborhed sequence) or did this always occur even in Vantage, and 9 and previous releases of 10?

I’m not sure. Anyone on previous releases willing to do a test?